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How To Buy
Sites to Be Seen

The following are some cool sites that will provide resources for anyone who wants to make the most of their monitor.

http://www.sandybay.com/products.html. The PC Webopaedia Internet Edition provides definitions of monitor-related terms, related topics and links to other sites.

http://www.paranoia.com/~filipg/HTML/REPAIR/F_mon_repair.html. Troubleshooting and Repair of Computer and Video Monitors is a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting dozens of common monitor complaints, from a washed-out picture to flicker to loss of color.

http://www.eizo.com/glossary/glossary.htm. Eizo Nanao's site features a comprehensive glossary defining dozens of terms relating to monitors.

http://www.portrait.com/monitor.html. The Portrait Displays Monitor Guide lists 10 things you should know about monitors, from monitor size, orientation and resolution to color and dot pitch.

http://www.usb.org/. Universal Serial Bus Implementers Forum Home Page has USB-related information, including technical documents, event listings and press releases.

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 236.

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