WINDOWS Magazine, May 1997
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Glossary Of 3-D Terms
Stop Playing Games and Get Down to Business
Have More Fun with Graphics
When Only 'Too Fast' Is Fast Enough
I Want My Web 3-D
Port in the 3-D Storm
3D on NT
The Shape of 3-D to Come
3-D Picture Is Clear for Blur
Ex-Toaster App Cooks for Game Maker
Architect Puts Clients Into Plans

WINDOWS Magazine
May 1997, Cover Story

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Glossary Of 3-D Terms

Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP): A component-level interconnect for 3-D graphical applications, AGP comprises a connector specification, a new video standard and a new way of handling graphics on your computer's bus that boosts speed to 133MHz.

DirectX: This set of libraries based on component object model (COM) includes DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput and DirectPlay components. Microsoft added Direct3D to DirectX 2.

-- DirectDraw allows direct manipulation of display memory, hardware blitters (circuits used for transferring large volumes of graphic information), hardware overlays and flipping.

-- DirectInput provides joystick, keyboard and mouse support.

-- DirectPlay lets applications communicate independent of the underlying transport, protocol or online service.

-- DirectSound provides low-latency mixing, hardware acceleration and direct access to the sound device.

-- Direct3D is a set of real-time 3-D graphics services that delivers fast software-based rendering of the full 3-D pipeline and transparent access to hardware acceleration.

OpenGL: This industry-standard programming interface makes it easier for apps to draw 3-D graphics.

Scenegraphs: These are descriptions contained in VRML files of the objects, lighting and cameras needed for constructing a self-contained 3-D "world."

Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML): VRML is a compact, cross-platform 3-D description standard for handling 3-D over the Web.

Stop Playing Games and Get Down to Business

Windows Magazine, May 1997, page 186.

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