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WinLab Reviews
HAHTsite 2.0

-- by Serdar Yegulalp

HAHTsite 1.0 blazed a new trail for Web developers; its 2.0 revision fills in a few potholes.

HAHTsite is an integrated Web development environment and publishing tool that keeps all possible elements of a Web site-HTML pages, images, links, database extensions and so forth-as hierarchically stored objects in one HAHTsite project file. This not only makes editing and publishing easier and more flexible, but also simplifies global changes across a site. (See WinLab Reviews, February.)

This upgrade sports a sleeker, more visually appealing HTML editor. It has an imperfect WYSIWYG interface, but an edited document now looks more like its to-be-published form. A new wizard lets you develop frames interactively.

Another new feature I liked was the site mapper, which produces a view depicting how every object on the site interconnects. Also, the image and image-map editors have been streamlined considerably.

HAHTsite is powerful software for serious site developers. With these new features, it just got better and makes our Recommended List.

HAHTsite 2.0
Price: Software Development Kit, $695 per user; Server, $4,995; Integrated Development Environment, $1,995
Platform: 95, NT HAHT Software
888-438-4248, 919-786-5100
Circle #665 or visit Winfo Online

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 157.

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