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Lotus ScreenCam 97

-- by Tom LaSusa

Like its predecessor, ScreenCam 97 captures on-screen actions of keystrokes and mouse movements, and records dialogue. However, this new version also offers "movie magic."

A new pause button allows you to stop recording and create a segment in the screentrack (the "movie" you create). It's handy for eliminating screen transitions or re-recording a glitch instead of the entire section. Segments are automatically indexed in the order recorded, and can be assigned menu labels and descriptions. In addition, the program lets you rearrange segments to alter the sequence shown and stop without exiting the application.

ScreenCam 97 lets you save in AVI format, resize your screentrack and assign long filenames. Improvements include OLE 2 support, 32-bit performance and enhanced memory management.

Unfortunately, the rewind button still sends you back to the start of the screentrack rather than letting you seek specific segments (as the fast forward button does). Even so, we recommend this product. If Lotus can fix this, you can be sure ScreenCam 97's sequel will be an even bigger blockbuster.

Lotus ScreenCam 97
Price: $129
Platform: 95 Lotus Development Corp.
800-343-5414, 617-577-8500

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 157.

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