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-- Want a peek at where Netscape, and perhaps its rival, are headed? If you use Navigator 3.0 or 4.0, you may have an inside track. To put Netscape Navigator into "kiosk mode" (full screen, with no URL or button bars), select Properties from Navigator's Context menu, click on the Shortcut tab and add -k at the end of the text in the Target text box (remember to leave a space between the quote mark and the hyphen). Click on OK and launch Navigator as before.

-- What are the top Web sites these days? As expected, the search firms and default sites continue to rule, but there are some surprises. Fourth-quarter '96 (the most recent numbers available) saw Microsoft vault six places to reach the No. 5 spot, according to research firm PC-Meter. America Online grabbed the top spot (though skeptics note in the case of an online service, the definition of a "hit" is murky), followed closely by Yahoo and Netscape.

-- The folks at Progressive Networks want to treat your eyes as kindly as they do your ears. The company that advanced sound on the Web with its RealAudio product is set to release RealVideo, a streaming video system. RealVideo, which requires RealPlayer, can deliver high-quality video over 28.8Kbps connections and what the company calls "broadcast quality" over higher-speed connections, such as ISDN. RealPlayer incorporates RealAudio, has easy-to-use controls and is available free at http://www.real.com/.

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 310.

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