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Windows on the Web
Windows 95

-- by Paul Silverman


If you still haven't visited WinMag editor Mike Elgan's Windows 95 home page, you're missing out. Bookmark this page for a new tip every day, easy access to all of WinMag's tips online, new software, the latest Win95 patches and more.


Looking for the latest on Win95? Why not go straight to the source? Microsoft's Windows 95 product page offers free software, FAQs, news, upgrade info, case studies and technical support, plus scores of links to related pages on the Microsoft site.


An awesome and easy-to-use site for Win95 shareware, the TUCOWS library is arranged into more than 30 categories. You'll find a quick summary, file description and rating for each program, as well as a pick of the week and a search engine.


Windows95.com provides a well-indexed library of 32-bit shareware links and reviews, a very helpful and updated index of hardware drivers, and an outstanding infobase of Internet TCP/IP connectivity and network resources.


Cavern's Windows 95 Page is a long-standing WinMag favorite that provides graphics and sound files, Win95 Internet software, themes, screen savers, games and tips. The site also provides a list of other reputable Win95 sites.


Stroud's CWSApps List is by far the best site for Winsock software and information for Win95. The site includes extensive file listings, ratings and reviews, plus highlights of new picks and a current top 20 apps list.


A great survival guide for frustrated users, Windows 95 Annoyances contains a vast resource of solutions to common and eccentric Win95 bugs. Learn how to reduce clutter throughout the OS, customize your entire system and enhance networking features.


You'd be hard-pressed to find more Win95 links on a single page; My Virtual Reference Desk-Windows 95 Links has them all. The index includes a breakdown of most related Microsoft sites and tons of third-party sites, plus a collection of NT sites and user groups.

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 308.

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