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Windows on the Web
Tips To Surf By

Web Pages Made Easy

Want to create a Web page, but afraid of HTML? Take a look at Internet Assistant for Microsoft Word. Go to http://www.microsoft.com/msword/internet/ia/ and download this add-in. It's an easy way to produce Web pages, and it's free. If you have Excel but not Word, you can use Internet Assistant for Microsoft Excel to create Web pages. This free file is at http://www.microsoft.com/msexcel/internet/ia/.

Cache Checks

We all know browsers use disk caching to speed downloads, but caches can get clogged and lose effectiveness. When things slow down, a little housekeeping is in order. If you use Netscape, select Options/Network Preferences and click on the Cache tab. Next, click on the Clear Disk Cache Now button. You can also refresh the memory cache with a click on the Clear Memory Cache Now button.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can clear the cache by selecting View/Options and clicking on the Advanced tab. Click on the Settings button in the Temporary Internet Files section and then click on the Empty Folder button.

See No Evil ... Sometimes

To speed up downloads, turn off Internet Explorer's options to play sounds and display graphics and videos. Select View/Options, click on the General tab and uncheck the Show Pictures, Play Sounds and Play Videos boxes. If you get bored with text-only pages, you can view the graphics on a page by right-clicking on the icon that represents a graphic and selecting Show Picture from the shortcut menu.

Web Wallpaper

If you come across a cool graphic while cruising the Web, Internet Explorer will let you save it and turn it into your Windows 95 Desktop wallpaper. Right-click on the graphic's link and choose Set as Wallpaper.

Lost in Space

If you use Internet Explorer to view an ftp site, you'll find that filenames containing spaces aren't displayed correctly. Even worse, you can't retrieve these files. To get around this, retrieve these files using the Windows 95 ftp tool (FTP.EXE)

Be Fickle With Favorites

To make changes to Internet Explorer's Favorites folder, just click on the Favorites icon and choose the Organize Favorites command. This

will open a window from which you can move, rename, delete and create folders and items. Navigate through this folder just as you would through any other Windows 95 folder.

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 308.

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