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How to Deck Duke

-- by Dave Raffo

Why just read about how to beat the big boys of CD-ROM games when you can learn how to do it with a full-motion video right on your PC? GameWizards: 3D Interactive Game Guides reveal key maps to all game levels, cheat codes and strategies for certain sections. The GameWizards 3D Interactive Game Guide for Duke Nukem 3D is the first in the series, with guides to follow for other popular games. Host Danny Spartan takes you through each level of Duke. The program's maps show you the path to follow on each level, then you can view the game segments in full-motion video. Print out maps and hints; a tips manual with cheat codes is included.

$19.99. WizardWorks, 612-559-5140, fax 612-559-5126. Circle #867

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 303.

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