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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline

Golden MailBridge

This e-mail connector bridges Internet, LAN-based and legacy systems. The newest Golden MailBridge for NT Server supports Microsoft Mail, cc:Mail, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, UNIX SendMail, the Internet, alphanumeric pagers and other systems. It provides direct e-mail access to the Internet from mainframe and LAN-based systems.

From $5,950
ReSoft International
203-972-8462, fax 203-972-3038
Circle #689


The server-based license-metering program now works on NT servers, and can run on mixed networks of NT and NetWare servers. SofTrack helps you produce reports on the number of licenses in use, usage by person's name, maximum concurrent usage and total time each license is in use.

From $795 for 25 users; $5,995 for 1,000 users
ON Technology Corp.
800-767-6683, 617-374-1400
Circle #693

Platinum 4.5

The new version of the client/server accounting software on the Microsoft BackOffice platform now includes Sales Order and Inventory modules. It also includes expanded customization, information navigation and drill-down capabilities.

$1,595 per module
Platinum Software Corp.
800-426-0469, 714-727-4005
Circle #696

KnowledgeSeeker IV 4.2

This data mining tool analyzes raw information on your server, helping you notice trends and develop customer profiles, risk analysis and new market possibilities. The 32-bit software runs on all Windows and most UNIX platforms.

From $10,000
Angoss Software International
416-593-1122, fax 416-593-5077
Circle #690

SPR KnowledgePLAN

Plan projects in all major software environments with this software estimation tool. It includes plans and timetables that integrate with Microsoft Project for transferring information. The program includes knowledge-based estimation, What If analysis and scheduling capabilities.

From $2,900 to $5,900
Software Productivity Research
617-273-0140, fax 617-273-5176
Circle #692

Visual Voice Pro for Digital Alpha and Visual Fax 2.0

Visual Voice Pro, a 32-bit ActiveX telephony development tool, runs on Windows NT and supports more than 72 simultaneous phone lines. It includes a Virtual Phone that lets you develop and test applications without a conventional phone. Visual Fax 2.0 works with any 32-bit Windows-based toolkit that supports OLE controls, allowing you to build applications that send/receive faxes and view/control fax queues on up to 32 simultaneous fax lines.

Visual Voice Pro for Digital Alpha, from $795; Visual Fax 2.0, $495
617-354-0600, fax 617-354-7744
Circle #694

DOCS Enterprise Suite

The enhanced version of the DOCS Open program includes new document-management programming tools, routing capabilities and desktop image manipulation.

$499 per client; server starts at $3,995
800-933-3627, 617-273-3800
Circle #695

RealWorld Visual Accounting 4.0

This accounting suite allows you to mix and match operating systems, and lets you simultaneously run 16-bit and 32-bit Windows clients on an active 32-bit server. The total system includes 13 modules.

From $495 per module
RealWorld Corp.
800-678-6336, 603-641-0200
Circle #691

Seagate NerveCenter NT

This rules-based client/server network-management app identifies problems and takes action to correct them across NT servers and network devices. You can distribute it throughout an enterprise and correlate SNMP events.

From $1,650 for one server, one console and support for five nodes
Seagate Software, Network and Storage Management Group
800-525-5645, 617-368-3476
Circle #697

Meeting Maker 4.0

The new version of this group scheduling software includes a 32-bit Windows NT server option. Version 4.0 also has a Master Schedule that shows you if someone is free or busy; a Print Layout Designer so you can customize printouts; and Server Logging for a real-time view of system activity.

Enterprise Server Pack, $4,999
On Technology Corp.
800-767-6683, 617-374-1400
Circle #698

InterAction 3.0

The software that lets you share contact information across the enterprise now includes an Enterprise Company Directory. Changes to the directory appear systemwide. It comes in 16- and 32-bit versions and works with all versions of Windows.

From $89 to $209 per seat, depending on volume
Interface Software
888-572-1400, 630-572-1400
Circle #699

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page NT28.

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