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Enterprise Administrator 4.0
Safe and Sound NT Management

Lock up your Windows NT network tighter than Fort Knox with Mission Critical Software's Enterprise Administrator 4.0.

EA enforces your NT network's naming conventions and tracks various security audit information, such as the most recent date and time each network user logged on. According to Mission Critical Software, EA's audit data can be easily processed by popular databases and reporting products. Or, simply use EA's integrated database (based on Microsoft Access) and its default reports.

EA leverages a client-server architecture. The EA Client can manage the EA Server component, which is a Windows NT Service with full NT Administrator privileges. EA Server typically runs on the primary domain controller (PDC) of each domain, and replicates its control information to a standby EA Server installed on backup domain controllers in case of a PDC failure.

According to the company, one EA Server can handle a Windows NT domain of any size. Neither the installation nor the operation of EA makes any changes to Windows NT itself, and all the native Windows NT administration tools, such as User Manager, continue to work unchanged.

The EA Server runs on NT for Intel or Digital Alpha; the EA Client supports NT 3.51 or later, Windows 95, Windows for Workgroups and Windows 3.1.

From $900 per managed domain; $14 per user account in the managed domain
Mission Critical Software
800-814-9130, 281-602-1700
Circle #638

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page NT24.

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