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NetXRay 2.5
XRay Vision on the Network

Cinco Networks' NetXRay 2.5 protocol analyzer lets you sneak a peek at data packets as they travel across your LAN, thereby troubleshooting network problems or even avoiding problems before they occur.

NetXRay 2.5 runs on Windows NT and Windows 95, and can monitor two or more network segments simultaneously (if you have multiple adapters in the same computer). According to Cinco, this feature is valuable for correlating date/time stamps on different LAN segments.

NetXRay captures error packets, decodes IP version 6 and offers real-time spooling of captured packets to your hard disk. NetXRay 2.5 also includes NDIS device drivers for NE2000-compatible Ethernet adapters and DECchip 21140-based Fast Ethernet PCI adapters. These drivers report low-level Ethernet error conditions, including CRC errors, fragments and undersize packets, which generally are not reported by standard NDIS device drivers.

The software also automatically maps a computer's hardware (MAC) address to its proper IP address and domain name, and triggers an alarm when duplicate IP addresses are discovered. It can work with popular token ring adapters from Madge, Olicom and Intel. Ethernet cards from Intel, Xircom, SysKonnect and 3Com are also supported.

NetXRay will decode IEEE 802.10 and Cisco InterSwitch Link packets, as well as DNS, RPC, NFS, HTTP, POP3 and NetBios over IP.

Native Win32 app

NetXRay is fully 32-bit and supports multithreading to improve network administrator productivity.

Cinco offers a separate NetXRayPRO for FDDI (Fiber Distributed Data Interface) networks.

From $995
Cinco Networks
800-671-9272, 770-671-9272
Circle #635

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page NT22.

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