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Netscape Communications has some suite news to share. The company claims that its SuiteSpot intranet software family sold more than 1 million copies last year. Seeking to build on that momentum, Netscape recently shipped Proxy Server 2.5 and the beta version of Netscape Collabra Server 3.0.

Like Banyan Systems itself, the Association of Banyan Users International (ABUI) is seeking to survive by embracing Windows NT. ABUI-whose original charter was disseminating information about Banyan Vines and StreetTalk-has changed its name to the Enterprise Networking Association (http://www.enanet.org/) and expanded its focus to include Windows NT. Of course, most members of the group beat ABUI to the punch by dumping Vines for NT months ago.

Another storage management vendor is asleep at the wheel. Early last year, customers caught NetWare backup giant Cheyenne Software napping when the company failed to anticipate the rise of Windows NT. (Cheyenne has since awoken to deliver several NT products.) It's unclear whether rival Stac Inc. will be as fortunate. After its NetWare-related software sales recently stalled, Stac issued a press release assuring customers that NT versions of its products would arrive shortly.

Microsoft is crowing about a study that declared Exchange Server "easier to use" than Lotus Domino and Netscape Mail Server. But be sure to read the fine print: Microsoft sponsored the study, and it completely overlooked Novell GroupWise.

Road warriors at Oracle might trade their Toshiba laptops for systems from Dell. The reason? At least one Oracle manager has told company CEO Larry Ellison that the Toshiba systems have trouble running NT, among other problems.

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