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Classroom computing

Where is Keith Browne (Letters, January) from, another planet? I live in a very small town in Mississippi (one of the poorest states in the country), and even my 7-year-old is using computers in class. As for convincing parents and teachers to use computers, that's what the PTA is for. In my daughter's school, the parents took up a collection to purchase computers. You can get it done, or you can sit on your haunches and wait for the government to do something about it.

Walter N. Van Slyke via the Internet

As a teacher who has used the Internet and Web extensively, I strongly disagree with Kevin Arvin's assessment (Letters, December 1996) that we need to get computers out of elementary schools and focus on the basics. Denying students the opportunity to learn computer skills would just create a new literacy problem, and would hamper their ability to function in the world they will face as adults.

Michael A. Hutchison via the Internet

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 26.

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