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The debate rages on

I agree with Mike Elgan (The Explorer, February) that few people within the government would know enough about the computer industry to make an intelligent judgment about whether to split Microsoft.

Victor Oakley via the Internet

Thanks to the self-imposed standards Microsoft has placed on its products, it has dragged industry quality, kicking and screaming, up to a level that benefits users. Without its relentless pursuit of quality, we'd still be playing Pong and typing letters on Underwoods.

W. Caissie via the Internet

Would you be so pro-Microsoft if it were a Japanese-owned company killing off American competition?

Richard Borkowski via the Internet

Microsoft will surprise everyone and break itself up. The cynics will say that Department of Justice pressure forced the break. But I'm betting that Microsoft has already decided to do it.

Mike Cromer via the Internet

Windows Magazine, April 1997, page 26.

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