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An Amiable Host

-- by Richard Castagna

Sometimes the hardest thing about building a Web site for your business is getting started. The second hardest might be finishing the job. Budding Webmasters don't have to rely on their wits alone, as a number of companies now offer one-stop shopping. GlobalCenter was one of the first to offer a complete package. The company provides the tools you need to create a site, hosting services, a unique domain name and-best of all-a helping hand.

GlobalCenter is an ISP with a twist. Subscribe to its Web Publishing service for $100 a month, and you can set up your business' Web site without shelling out another buck for hardware, software or technical support. The company stresses ease of use and gears its services to customers who have limited Web experience. GlobalCenter guarantees that you'll have a prototype of your site done within one hour-or your first month's fee is refunded.

For your monthly $100, you get up to 25MB of storage for your site and 1500MB of traffic. If your site grows or the number of visitors exceeds the limit, you can add storage at the rate of $5 per megabyte and widen your bandwidth another 100MB for $10.

GlobalCenter has site development packages for Windows 95, NT and 3.x, and Macintosh. The packages include Netscape Navigator and TCP/IP software. ISDN and V.34 connections are supported, and an Internet router is also included. GlobalCenter will also handle registration of your site's domain name. Site design software is part of the $100 monthly service and is online.

The company also offers an ISP Kit. The $499 kit allows your company to get full Internet access for an unlimited number of users, and e-mail support for any POP3 client and for Microsoft Mail and QuickMail clients. If you choose, you can also get immediate notification of received messages from GlobalCenter's e-mail system.

The administrative tools provided are interactive, so you can access data about site activity on a daily basis. And you can select the data you want to analyze-hits, page turns, who's accessing your pages and so forth.

Contact GlobalCenter at 800-640-4562 or http://www.globalcenter.net.

GlobalCenter can help set up your businesses' Web sites and provide hosting services, too.

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