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Hayes Accura 288 Internal Fax Modem with Voice

-- by Marc Spiwak

Thanks to the Hayes Accura 288 Internal Fax Modem with Voice, small offices seem large to outside callers. This single expansion card from a trusted modem manufacturer equips a PC with a fast modem and fax capabilities, and provides speakerphone and voice-mail functions. The modem distinguishes among incoming voice, data and fax calls, and routes them accordingly. With the modem's speaker, you don't need a sound card (although it will work with one, and a cable is included). There's also a microphone in the box.

My system instantly recognized the card during the flawless Plug-and-Play installation. The Accura is ready to transmit data and send faxes using your preferred software. The Hayes Smartcom software bundled with the modem lets you set up a fully customizable voice-mail system with up to 10 mailboxes, each with a different outgoing message. Callers can, for example, press 1 for accounting and 2 for sales, giving the appearance of a fully manned office. Quarterdeck's InternetSuite 2 and WebTalk are also bundled with the modem. For the price, this combination of hardware and software could provide a competitive advantage over the "smaller" players.

Price: $149

Platforms: 3x, 95

Hayes Microcomputer Products

800-374-8388, 770-840-9200

Circle #679 or visit Winfo Online

WinMag Box Score: 3.5

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 177.

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