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MAG InnoVision DJ702e
DJ Broadcasts on Multifrequency

-- by Deborah K. Wong

With 17-inch monitor wars raging, MAG InnoVision's multifrequency DJ702e monitor, offering superb color and easy-to-use on-screen controls, is a real fighter.

I tested the DJ702e using Sonera Technologies' DisplayMate and ATI's Mach 64 video card on a DTK P150 system. I was impressed by the overall image quality in most categories. Its 0.28mm dot-pitch Microfilter FST CRT, with 16.1 inches of viewable area, was sharp. While geometric and corner distortion was minimal, there was slight blurring in the corners; moire distortion was a problem at all resolution settings and there was no on-screen control to correct it. Nevertheless, the monitor scored well on the horizontal and vertical registration tests, with reduced convergence errors.

A large thumbwheel control at the bottom right of the DJ702e's faceplate provides access to 13 functions within two on-screen menus. I would prefer more functions.

The DJ702e supports vertical refresh rates up to 120Hz, has a maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels and handles 1024x768 at 80Hz. Seven preprogrammed settings cover most common video modes. The microprocessor-based design offers auto-synchronization. This Plug-and-Play compatible unit adheres to the Swedish MPRII radiation emissions and is EPA Energy Star-compliant. It follows VESA DPMS power-management standards and supports the display data channel level 1/2B. In power-management mode, power consumption is reduced from 120 watts to 15W in standby/suspend mode and to 8W in the off mode.

Weighing 38.1 pounds, the monitor measures 16.7 by 16.7 by 18 inches, making it a hair deeper than most 17-inchers.

The DJ702e is perfect for home and business use, but the Compaq V70 on our Recommended List offers better controls and refresh rates.

W Info File

MAG InnoVision DJ702e
Price: $628
Pros: Color scales
Cons: Screen regulation; moire
Platforms: 3x, 95, NT
MAG InnoVision Co.
800-827-3998, 714-751-2008
Circle #652 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 3.0

Copyright (c) 1997 CMP Media Inc.

Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 174.

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