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Living Trust

-- by Joel T. Patz

Living Trust aims to eliminate some of the steps involved in complex attorney/client relationships. While not proposing a "going-it-alone" stance, Living Trust steps you through the process where one person transfers property to a second person for the benefit of a third person.

Online Help explains the advantages and pitfalls to be contemplated when thinking of establishing a living trust. You'll find information on revocable trusts and joint ownership, marital property rights, what property can-or should not-be placed in a living trust, transferring assets, and how to revoke or change the trust. Although online documentation does a reasonably good job, several of the Help buttons did not supply information, and the printed documentation was generic to all the developer's products.

Ten fill-in-the-blank template forms are located within the four categories on the main screen (Property, Trustee, Schedules and Trust). These categories include Assignment of Property to Trust, Bill of Sale, Affidavit of Succession, Revocation of Trust, Amendment to Trust and Pour-Over Will.

You can use the dialog box to transfer entered information to the forms. Save the document for further formatting in either E-Z's word processor or your own. You can customize the date, currency, number and time formats.

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Living Trust
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