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CardScan Plus 300
Scan a Card-Any Card

-- by Rich Castagna

CardScan, the preeminent business-card scanning software, can make molehills out of mountains of business cards. The latest version has the same high accuracy as the previous version, along with some improvements in interoperability with mail and telephone programs. It's a must-have for any businessperson who is tired of typing information from a card into a PIM.

CardScan Plus 300 has a bolder, more 3-D look, with additional buttons on its toolbar. The program has added some useful features. You can send e-mail using the address from a scanned card. Just highlight a card in the list, click on a button, and your e-mail program is invoked with a new message already addressed. This feature worked fine in my tests with Microsoft Exchange. A variation of the feature lets you send cards via e-mail-of course, the recipient must have the software to read them.

Additionally, file handling has been improved. Multiple files can be opened simultaneously, and files can be shared over a network. Appropriate security is also provided to protect shared files.

Although Corex says this version is more precise than the last, that type of improvement is barely discernible. However, the program's accuracy is very high, and its knack for getting the right information in the right fields is uncanny.

You can buy CardScan bundled with a card scanner or as software that works with many popular scanners.

CardScan has always been a solid solution, and now it's an excellent addition to any businessperson's toolkit.

W Info File

CardScan Plus 300
Price: $299; software only, $99
Pros: Accurate; supports e-mail and phone dialer interoperability
Cons: No card feed; OCR operation is processor-intensive
Disk Space: 12MB
Platforms: 3x, 95, NT
Corex Technologies Corp.
800-942-6739, 617-492-4200
Circle #655 or visit Winfo Online
WinMag Box Score: 4.0

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 161.

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