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Windows on the Web
New on the Net
A Wider Web

Your business may be mom-and-pop-sized compared to a giant like GM, but two new products will help you use the Internet to look-and work-big.

Browser? All you need to stay hooked to the Web is a phone with Netphone's Web-On-Call (http://www.netphonic.com)

Web-On-Call reads Web page data to you via a Touch-tone or cell phone. The product is also a fax.

Load the Web-On-Call onto your Web server, and it will work with an Internet or intranet. When you call into a Web-On-Call-enabled Web site, you enter an ID and password. Web-On-Call is interactive and responds to Touch-tone input.

Pricing for Web-On-Call depends on your specific configuration and number of phone lines.

HotOffice, from HotOffice Technologies (http://www.hotoffice.com), lets you use the Internet to create an intranet and makes it easy to share information with co-workers-regardless of where they are. Your company pays a monthly fee to reserve space on HotOffice's servers, which you use to publish files you'd like to share.

HotOffice, which works with Microsoft Office, protects your data with regular backups. RSA encryption and SSL security safeguard your information. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 297.

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