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R & R: Resources and Recreation
Game of the Month
Pinball Blizzard

-- by Ian Etra

Pro Pinball is as authentic as pinball has ever been on the PC. It's all here, from the ramps, bumpers and sinkholes to the satisfying "clack" when you make the high-score list. It's also got plenty of options that go beyond the arcade, like adjustable table views-all full screen and highly detailed-and a kicking CD soundtrack that keeps pace with the action. If you think pinball is a piece of cake, Pro Pinball has plenty of extras to keep you on your toes, including six different missions, several multi-ball options, a special video mode and a few secrets you won't find in the manual.

$39.95. Interplay Productions, 800-468-3775, 714-553-6678. Circle #878

Copyright (c) 1997 CMP Media Inc.

Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 295.

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