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Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin

Daredevil Computing

Must be one of those pre-MPRII models. Submitted by Kelly McDowell,

Chadron, Neb.

486 DX33 4MB, 130MB HD, Conner tape backup, sound card, Zeos 14" high risk VGA monitor, mouse, all software manuals...

Push Really Hard

If you're still having trouble trying to force this three-pronged plug into the back of your new computer, try a pair of metal shears (sold separately). Submitted by Matt Wilson and Rosanne Thompson, Ottumwa, Iowa

Shockingly Easy Upgrades

Now you can-ouch!-add RAM on the fly. Submitted by Frank W. Furman III, Easthampton, Mass.

The Ultimate Printer

Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIP

-- 8,000 page per minute monthly duty cycle

-- 300 dpi text and graphics

-- 16 MHz internal processor

Epson Stylus 500 Color

*Inkjet Printer

*7200 dpi

Combine the print speed of this HP with the resolution of this Epson and you've got yourself one incredible printer. Submitted by Jimmy V. Danesi, Rolling Meadows, Ill., and Magell Candelaria, Lewisville, Tex.

Got Milk?


Go to www.connect.net/trish/ to pay homage to the Science of MooOlogy page.

Spell-Check Suggestion o' the Month

Submitted by James Bickers, Louisville, Ky.

It's What You Don't Know That Counts

Minimize your OS/2 Warp know-how and your value to your company...

This pitch for New Riders Publishing's latest OS/2 Warp book says a mouthful. Submitted by Hugh Walker, Roanoke, Va.

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