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NT Enterprise
NT Product Pipeline

WordPerfect 7 for UNIX

Corel's word processing program is file-compatible with Windows and DOS versions. It's available for X Windows and Character Terminals, and includes advanced drawing and charting capabilities.


Corel Corp.

800-772-6735, 613-728-3733

Circle #609

Winsock Companion 3.1

The 32-bit and 16-bit Windows-to-UNIX connectivity suite added VT series emulation to its SCO ANSI Color, IBM3151 and AT386 support. Other enhancements include full-screen support, the ability to launch Windows applications from a UNIX host and a developer's interface for adding mouse support to UNIX apps.

$69 for single PC license

Network Instruments

800-526-7919, 612-932-9899

Circle #612

Kaspia Automated Network Monitoring System 1.1

This monitoring system features an Inventory Report and Change Report, providing you with a daily picture of your enterprise network. The system has one IP address, generates Web-based reports and proactively monitors the network.

Starts at $5,000

Kaspia Systems

503-644-1800, fax 503-520-0600

Circle #611

Event Control Server 4.1

This job scheduling and batch-process-control application lets you automate processes and schedule tasks on distributed Windows NT and 95 workstations and servers, as well as NetWare, LAN Server, VINES and Pathworks servers. ECS supports an unlimited number of servers and users.

Starts at $4,995


800-355-3443, 219-942-9544

Circle #610

Carpe Diem 2.0

Using this electronic time sheet and expense report generator, you can post reports into any PC, minicomputer or mainframe database, project manager, or time and billing system. The program uses an open client-server-enabled data architecture, so you can read and modify data using industry-standard report writers and tools such as Microsoft Access and Crystal Reports.

$3,000 for 10-user license

ProSoft Corp.

800-477-6763, 972-386-7769

Circle #613

ForeView 4.1

FORE Systems' network management software lets you perform global software upgrades with a single point-and-click operation. The program's Call and Performance Record tracks network usage on a "call" basis, while its Discovery and Status monitoring handles hundreds of switches.

$3,995 for NT; $9,995 for UNIX

FORE Systems

888-404-0444, 412-772-6600

Circle #614

Carrera Cobra 500 and Cobra II

The Cobra 500 desktop workstation is powered by a Digital 500MHz Alpha 21164 processor, and features 1MB synchronous-pipeline 9ns cache, 64MB of 256-bit RAM with 1GB per second of rendering bandwidth, a 2GB hard drive, a 12-speed CD-ROM and 2-D graphics acceleration with 2MB of RAM. The Cobra II has an Aspen Twin Peaks motherboard with dual 500MHz Alpha 21164 processors, two 64-bit PCI slots and five 32-bit PCI slots, a shared ISA slot, and Windows NT 4.0 Server and Workstation software.

Cobra 500 starts at $4,995; Cobra II starts at $14,995

Carrera Computers

800-476-7472, 714-707-5051

Circle #615

Basis Document Management System

This package helps you build a complex intranet document-management system on an NT server. It includes the Corporate Information Centre (CIC) rapid Web prototyping tool, the Basis Document Manager, Client Suite and the Basis WEBserver Gateway.

Starts at $25,000

Information Dimensions

800-DATA-MGT, 614-761-8083

Circle #616

OMNIS Enterprise Web RAD

The suite includes OMNIS for developing and deploying client/server database applications, OMNIS Web Enabler SDK, Version Control and Change Management.

$3,490 per developer

Blyth Software

800-346-6647, 415-571-0222

Circle #617

Linksys Stackable EtherFast 100Base-TX Hub

The 12-port stackable hub features 12 shared 100Base-TX ports that support Category 5 UTP or STP cabling. You can directly connect up to six stackable hubs, and the stack acts as an integrated hub.


The Linksys Group

800-546-5797, 714-261-1288

Circle #618

Visual Thought 1.3

This multiplatform diagram and flowchart program runs not only on Windows NT and 95, but also on UNIX. You can transfer or open documents created in either platform on any other system. It features drag-and-drop shapes and 100 levels of undo. You also get an automatic image map, and the ability to export dozens of file formats, including GIF and JPEG.

Starts at $495


800-780-2838, 415-764-1000

Circle #619

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