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NT Enterprise
NTrigue 3.0
NT on NC

Switching to an NC (Network Computer) doesn't mean you'll have to dump NT. Indeed, NTrigue 3.0 from Insignia Solutions can deliver Windows applications from NT servers to NCs (diskless computers that fetch applications from servers) and X terminals without requiring a UNIX server.

NTrigue 3.0 includes Citrix Systems' WinFrame software, and allows users connected to an X Windows NTrigue session to disconnect from one desktop and reconnect at another desktop without logging off and on to Windows NT.

NTrigue 3.0 also allows for automatic synchronization of user passwords between UNIX NIS and Windows NT accounts, which simplifies log-on for users and reduces administration headaches, according to Insignia.

From $1,995 for five concurrent sessions

Insignia Solutions

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page NT24.

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