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NT Enterprise
BindView NOSadmin
Inspector Gadget

For an unobstructed view of your network's security locks, take a look at BindView NOSadmin for Windows NT, a snap-in module for BindView's Enterprise Management System (EMS) platform. NOSadmin can inspect your network's user rights and security permissions, and even check for security exposures from directory shares.

NOSadmin also lets you analyze disk space allocation, manage TCP/IP configuration, and build detailed queries of log files across multiple servers and operating systems, including NT, Novell IntranetWare and Netware 3.x through 4.x.

If you're using NOSadmin for NetWare 3.x, BindView is offering a Migration Protection Plan that lets you purchase NOSadmin for Windows NT Server or NetWare 4.x at a reduced price (ask BindView for exact details about migration pricing)

From $495 per server

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