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NT Enterprise
Interceptor 2.0
Net Defense for NT

You might not be able to tame the Internet, but you can protect corporate data from hackers and crackers using Technologic's Interceptor 2.0 firewall.

Interceptor serves as a secure gateway between the Internet and a private network, scanning or filtering data to ensure that only approved bits and bytes flow onto your network. It's also one of the first firewalls that integrates with Microsoft Proxy Server 1.0 (see NT Newstrends in this issue)

Interceptor includes RADAR (Remote Administration, Diagnostics and Reporting), a firewall management interface that can run on local or remote NT, Win95, Macintosh or UNIX workstations. And an optional link to Internet Security Systems' Internet Scanner allows companies to attack their own firewalls and search for security weaknesses.

Annual maintenance support starts at $2,995 for the first firewall, and $1,495 for each additional firewall.

From $5,995 for 50 users


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