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NT Enterprise
Qualstar TLS-2000 Automated Tape Library
Brisk NT Backup

Like a dragster powered by a lawn-mower engine, Windows NT backup software will only spin its wheels without high-speed storage management hardware. Enter the Qualstar TLS-2000 Automated Tape Library, which supports Sony's new SDT-9000 4mm DDS-3 tape drives.

The Sony tape drives boast a 12GB capacity (24GB compressed) on a single Sony DGD125M cartridge, with data-transfer rates of up to 2.4MBps. Qualstar's TLS-2000 Automated Tape Library supports one to four of the Sony drives, and up to 144 tape cartridges for 216GB to 3.5 terabytes of storage. The TLS-2000 also offers a mobile bar-code scanner that can perform a complete cartridge inventory in less than 2 minutes.

The TLS-2000 with support for Sony's SDT-9000 tape drives supports most popular server backup software from Cheyenne, IBM, Legato and Seagate, among others.

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