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NT Enterprise
Dell/3Com Server/Hub Bundle
One-Stop Network Shopping

Dell Computer and 3Com want to sell you an entire Windows NT network in a single box. The two companies have teamed to offer the Dell/3Com Server/Hub Bundle, which includes Dell's PowerEdge 2100 server, 3Com's eight-port OfficeConnect Ethernet hub and Windows NT Server 4.0.

Dell's PowerEdge 2100 server comes with a 180MHz Pentium Pro processor, 32MB of ECC memory, a 2GB hard drive and a 3Com Fast EtherLink 10/100Mbps network card.

The server/hub solution is positioned for businesses that are expanding existing file and print networks, deploying department application servers or networking remote offices.

It's a good bet this won't be the last product bundle from Dell and 3Com. The two companies have partnered since 1995 to integrate Dell's systems with 3Com's network interface cards and hubs. Dell was the first PC maker to ship systems with 3Com's Fast Ethernet cards factory installed.


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