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NT Enterprise
NeTpower SpartaRaq
Rack Joins NT Pack

NetTpower, seeking a piece of the scorching Windows NT market, is now shipping its NeTpower SpartaRaq. The SpartaRaq is a rackmount server that supports up to four Pentium Pro processors, three hot-swappable power supplies, eight hot-swappable disk drives and remote system administration.

NeTpower is positioning SpartaRaq for running departmental or enterprise database, messaging and Internet applications. And when used with NeTpower's Ultrafx graphics subsystem ($3,995), the SpartaRaq is ideal for running digital media rendering applications, according to NeTpower.

The base SpartaRaq server configuration includes a 200MHz Pentium Pro microprocessor, 64MB of RAM, a 2GB ultrawide SCSI-2 hard disk, three hot-swappable

redundant power supplies and Windows NT Server 4.0 preinstalled (with 10 client licenses)

From $17,425


800-801-0900, 408-522-9999

Circle #826

Windows Magazine, March 1997, page NT15.

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