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NT Enterprise
NEC ProServa V Plus
Mips Alternative Arrives

When NEC halted sales of its Mips/Windows NT servers last year, it vowed to expand its line of Intel-based systems. The NEC ProServa V Plus, a departmental server featuring one or two Intel Pentium processors operating at 120MHz or 200MHz, delivers on that promise.

The ProServa V Plus offers a high-performance I/O subsystem with ultrawide SCSI support (40MBps maximum data rate), two PCI and five EISA bus slots, eight 1.6-inch drive bays and a 300-watt power supply. Also, eight SIMM sockets support up to 256MB of ECC RAM.

Like all NEC servers, the ProServa V Plus includes NEC's SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)-based Enterprise Server Management (ESM) software, which provides secure management.

The ProServa V Plus is certified to run Windows NT 4.0 and Novell NetWare 3.12 through 4.11. A single-processor, 120MHz system with 16MB of memory, a 2GB hard disk and an Ethernet card costs $1,984. A dual-processor 200MHz system with 32MB memory, a 2GB hard disk and a 100Mbps Fast Ethernet card costs $2,961.

Single processor, $1,984; dual processor, $2,961

NEC Computer Systems Division

800-NEC-INFO, 415-528-6000

Circle #824

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