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NT Enterprise

According to a study by International Data Corp., sales of UNIX desktop systems dropped almost 10 percent in 1996. The reason? Surging sales of Pentium and Pentium-Pro systems running NT Workstation.

Microsoft has given selected customers a beta release of Wolfpack, its Windows NT cluster software. Wolfpack is expected to ship this year with fail-over support between two NT servers, a la Octopus Super ASO. A 1998 Wolfpack upgrade will introduce application load balancing between multiple NT servers.

Play Big Brother with Kansmen Corp.'s LittleBrother, an NT application that lets you track which Web sites are visited from your corporate desktops. LittleBrother (starting at $295) also lets you block access to Web sites deemed inappropriate by your company. Of course, there is one caveat: Don't block www.winmag.com.

Sun Microsystems is partnering with Insignia Solutions to let Sun JavaStations run Windows apps fetched from remote NT servers. You can also run Windows software on-dare we say it-a PC.

As of this writing, Seagate Software was preparing major enhancements for Backup Exec, its NT storage management platform. Conceded one Seagate official: "It's true that Backup Exec does not have as many enterprise options or agents as its nearest competitor. But that will soon be changing." The anticipation is killing us.

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