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New Products
FaceIt PC
PC Mug Shots

Even if your face could stop a clock, now it can start your computer. FaceIt PC software turns your face into a password for any computer with a Pentium and a video camera.

Look into the camera on your monitor; FaceIt locates your head anywhere in front of the PC, extracts the image of your face, verifies your identity and grants you access. The program will record the faces of anybody who unsuccessfully tries to gain access so you can see who's trying to log on.

If you're going to leave your computer, you can click on Quick-Lock to immediately bring up a screen saver and disable your keyboard. The screen saver also appears after a preset period of inactivity even if you don't click on Quick-Lock. FaceIt recognizes your face when you return and restores your screen to the way you left it.

$99; $59.95 for download

Visionics Corp.

212-327-7421, fax 212-327-7422

Circle #565

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 84.

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