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Play It Safe with Your Data

Do you feel secure only when your valuables are locked inside a safe? Authentex Software Corp.'s DataSAFE lets you give your precious data the same treatment. The encryption software has a combination-safe interface; you place files inside the safe and lock it with a combination.

You can lock the files on your desktop or on a LAN server and send the locked files through any e-mail system that supports file attachments. The recipient only needs to be running Windows; DataSAFE isn't necessary on the receiving end. DataSAFE wraps a small Windows program around the encrypted data so the recipient can obtain a combination and decrypt the data.

You can launch applications from inside the safe by clicking on them. Additionally, you can place locked "safety deposit boxes" inside the safe and give certain people access to one or more of them.

The program uses the Blowfish 16-pass block algorithm and combines the encryption with OLE 2.0 to create the combination-safe effect.


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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 84.

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