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New Products
IBM FaxCentral, ComCentral and ComCentral 33.6
Hit the PC, Fax and Phone Trifecta

Keeping all your messages straight requires a PC, fax and phone working in harmony. IBM FaxCentral, ComCentral and ComCentral 33.6 help manage your e-mail, voice mail and faxing. If your PC is powered off or disconnected, the products work with digital voice-mail systems.

FaxCentral includes LCD and LED indicators to provide caller ID information and alert you when you've received a fax.

It stores the faxes in its memory, and you can either upload them to your PC or remotely access them from a portable computer. Additionally, you can broadcast faxes at specific times. FaxCentral's distinctive ring distinguishes between faxes and phone calls.

ComCentral includes all the fax management features, plus easy access to mailbox messages. As expected, ComCentral 33.6 adds a 33.6Kbps modem. The products come with 1MB of internal flash memory, enough to store up to 50 pages of faxes.

FaxCentral, $199; ComCentral, $309; ComCentral 33.6, $399

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