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New Products
MGE ES4 ValuePack
Power Protection in a ValuePack

UPS systems don't have to be complicated, costly or ugly. The MGE ES4 ValuePack bundles a UPS, fax/modem surge suppressor and shutdown software. The MGE 450VA ES4 UPS system is a sleek, black unit that you can place on your desktop or under your monitor. Based on offline technology, it provides around 12 to 15 minutes of backup power for a Pentium PC. Its battery-saving sleep mode will power down the unit if it doesn't draw power for 15 minutes. The cold start feature powers it even if the lights go out.

The ValuePack also includes Systems Enhancement's PowerMon II UPS monitoring and shutdown software for Win95 and 3.x and the EFI PowerTracker M-TELG fax/modem surge suppressor. The software runs in the background, checking the UPS for power failure or low battery conditions. The surge suppressor uses up to 200 amps of surge suppression to protect against power surges and spikes. The bundle includes all connection cables.


MGE UPS Systems

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