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New Products
In Brief

The Fargo Signature CD Color Printer lets you dress up your CD-ROM media and jewel case inserts with graphics and text. Signature prints high-resolution text, logos, graphics and photographs on the CD. Fargo also sells Signature CD-ROMs, three-color and black monochrome ink cartridges, and cardboard CD templates for you to test your designs before printing on the CD-ROM.

$1,295; CD-ROMs, $47.50 for 5; color ink cartridge, $52.95; black monochrome, $39.95; CD template, $24.95

Fargo Electronics

800-205-5852, 612-941-9470

Circle #589

The Yamaha CDR400 CD Recorder writes at four times normal speed and reads at six times the norm.


Yamaha Systems Technology

800-543-7457, 408-467-2300

Circle #590

The Solstice AutoRecorder Series 500 handles all your CD duplication tasks, from authoring and duplicating the CDs to four-color printing of CD labels and jewel-case liners.

Starts at $9,999

Solstice Technologies Ltd.

612-941-4755, fax 612-903-5235

Circle #591

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