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New Products
RIO Designer and RIO Designer Professional
Raise the Temperature on Your Designs

For the hottest in graphic designs, you may want to go to RIO. The 32-bit RIO Designer and RIO Designer Professional design and illustration programs help you create object-oriented, resolution-independent, vector- and raster-based graphics.

RIO Designer runs on Windows 95 and 3.x. It features a 16.7-million color WYSIWYG display and custom page formats that you define. Its extensive draw and illustration features include polygon, text and freehand shape creation, cellophane and soft shadows. High-quality photo texture maps are included on CD-ROM. The program has high-resolution image files in 8-, 16-, 24- or 36-bit with RGB color blending.

RIO Designer Professional is built to take full advantage of Windows NT, supporting Intel, Alpha, MIPS and PowerPC processors. It has all the features of RIO Designer plus alpha channeling support, multithreading and unlimited grouping and layering.

RIO Designer, $99; RIO Designer Professional, $299

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