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New Products
Ricoh G-1200S
A Tablet to Cure Multimedia Ills

If you pack so lightly that even a notebook PC is too big, the Ricoh G-1200S is an option for travelling multimedia presentations. The pen-based tablet PC has an internal 2X CD-ROM drive compatible with standard 12cm CDs as well as their 8cm counterparts. You convert the tablet into a desktop PC using an optional foldout stand and a standard PS/2 keyboard, and you can connect it to an external VGA monitor for 256-color display.

The tablet comes equipped with a 486DX2/50MHz CPU and 8MB of RAM, which can be upgraded to 24MB. Incorporating a removable 340MB PCMCIA Type III hard disk, the tablet also includes a 9.5-inch color LCD membrane-type touch screen, which operates with any passive stylus. The tablet has one Type II and one Type III PCMCIA slot. The Type II slot accepts standard PC Cards, which allows for wireless communication.


Ricoh Corp.

800-225-1899, 201-882-2000

Circle #551

Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 70.

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