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New Products
In Brief

Still plugging away with a 12X CD-ROM drive? The internal Mitsumi 16X CD-ROM is Plug-and-Play compatible, and features a 2.4Mbps transfer rate, a 120ms average access time and a 256KB built-in memory buffer. Its power tray holds the CD in place while allowing the unit to work vertically or horizontally.


Mitsumi Electronics Corp.

800-MITSUMI, 214-550-7300

Circle #554

The Axonix ProMedia 10XR portable, top-loading 10X CD-ROM drive draws power from your laptop via a Type II PC Card, so it doesn't require battery packs or adapters. The unit supports 32-bit Plug-and-Play functionality for Windows 95 and can be hot swapped.


Axonix Corp.

800-866-9797, 801-521-9797

Circle #555

The STB TV PCI tuner turns any PCI-based PC into a fully functioning television. It works with cable or VHF/UHF receivers, and lets you watch images from full-screen to icon size.


STB Systems

888-234-8750, 972-234-8750

Circle #556

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