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New Products
Quik-ly Customize Your Desktop

Sharing a PC doesn't have to be a struggle. With the 32-bit version of QuikMenu, each user of a shared PC can have a customized, password-protected environment.

Your desktop interface can include backgrounds, images, sound and text. The utility provides basic drawing tools, patterns and colors to apply to objects, and icons and buttons to launch applications. To facilitate your everyday tasks, QuikMenu offers several utilities applets-File Manager, Calculator, Text Editor and PhoneBook.

Security features are also included. QuikMenu allows you to secure the entire desktop environment, and hide or password-protect apps and functions. A system's administrator or parent can override passwords set by others. The Professional edition adds an e-mail utility.

Standard edition, $45; Professional edition, $69.95

NeoSoft Corp.

800-545-1392, 541-389-5489

Circle #598

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 68.

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