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New Products
AltaVista Search
A Desktop with Two Vistas

Do you wish you had a search engine to locate and index information on your PC and network? AltaVista Search My Computer Private eXtension (PX) does just that-using the same interface and technology as the AltaVista Internet search service.

This utility automatically builds a full-word index of all HTML documents and more than 200 file types located on your computer and shared network drives. It can handle, among others, Microsoft, Lotus and Corel applications.

The AltaVista search interface allows you to locate all files, documents, e-mail messages and attachments containing a specified search term. The query engine then ranks the search results. To shift your search from the PC to the Web, or vice versa, simply click on an on-screen button. The index is stored locally, so you can do searches when your system isn't connected to the network.


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