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New Products
Netopia Virtual Office
The Virtual Office Is Now Open

Tired of phone tag? Leave your messages at the Netopia Virtual Office. This program offers all the tools you need to stay in touch from your desktop or portable PC, including intercom services. You'll be provided with your own Web page on Netopia's site, where you can leave messages for yourself or others.

The Virtual Office allows for real-time collaboration sessions, and comes with Microsoft's NetMeeting and a White Pages directory. Post a sticky note at the Office Door, chat and exchange files in the Conference Room, leave files at the In/Out Baskets or update your Business Cards. A Welcome Mat greets visitors, offers online help and lets them download an evaluation copy to set up their own Virtual Office. You control your security by choosing the features your visitors see. Setup

requires Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer for basic use, and a plug-in or ActiveX control to access additional features.


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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 66.

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