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Keep track of your office with x-OUT4 Network In-Out Board. Employees can list whether they are In, Out or In-But-Unavailable. The In-Out Board, for clients or networks, contains features such as user-configurable buttons, sorting, indexing and colored icons. It allows you to leave comments, find contact information and import user group information from NetWare 3.x. The In-Out Board is year 2000-compliant.

10-user license, $149; 50-user license, $349

Extensions Software Corp.

407-344-3322, fax 407-344-3323

Circle # 643

Small businesses can profit from the Smart Business System product line. Smart Manager can help you maximize workplace efficiency, increase morale and deal with over 400 possible situations. Smart Marketing guides you from the initial market research stages through the creation of a comprehensive marketing plan. Smart Human Resources automates tracking employee records in compliance with state requirements.

$149 each

American Institute for Financial Research

800-791-1000, 919-932-3600

Circle # 644

You don't need to know the soft-shoe to use TapDance. The program, available in a variety of packages, evaluates job applicants' and employees' abilities. You can test (or brush up on) typing, data entry or general skills such as math and grammar. It evaluates skill levels on most popular software, including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.


PRI Associates

800-969-9665, 919-493-7534

Circle # 645

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