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New Products
In Brief

The Plasmon DW 260 5.25-inch magneto optical drive uses LIMDOW (Light Intensity Modular Direct OverWrite) technology to overwrite data with a single pass. The DW 260 reads and writes to 2.6GB rewritable, WORMS and LIMDOW disks.

Media, $99; internal, $1,195; external, $2,095

Plasmon Data

800-451-6845, 612-946-4100

Circle #595

The Fujitsu DynaMO 640 drive supports OverWrite and standard 640MB, 540MB, 230MB and 128MB MO disks. The 3.5-inch external drive has a Fast SCSI interface, a 10MBps transfer rate, a drive data rate up to 3.9MBps and a 35-millisecond seek time. The Fujitsu DynaMO 230 Internal IDE Kit includes the hardware and drivers for Plug-and-Play installation of an Enhanced EIDE 230MB MO drive.

DynaMO 640, $659; DynaMO 230 IDE Internal Kit, $375

Fujitsu Computer Products of America

800-626-4686, 408-432-6333

Circle #596

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