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New Products
Sampo PD-50F and PD-50N
Take Your Pick Of Pixel Pitch

Not all flat monitors are created equal. With the Sampo PD-50F and PD-50N, you can take your pick of features. The higher-end PD-50F is a 14-inch TFT LCD display with a 13.8-inch diagonal viewing area, a .273mm pixel pitch and an 18-bit color display. The PD-50N is the same size but has a CSTN LCD with a .248mm pixel pitch and 12-bit color. The typical display resolution on both monitors is 1024x768 pixels; the PD-50F has a typical 300:1 contrast ratio compared to the PD-50N's 25:1. Both come with a 32-bit PCI-bus interface card.

PD-50F, $2,895; PD-50N, $1,895

Sampo Technology

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