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New Products
Wysevision WY-9307
Monitors Beware: Thin Is In

Monitors can never be too skinny or too bright. The WYSEvision WY-9307 display takes up little space on your desktop, and is substantially brighter than CRT monitors.

The WY-9307 is an 800x600 active-matrix monitor with a 12.1-inch diagonal viewing area. It delivers 250 nits (candelas/square meter) of brightness, which enhances contrast and viewability, while the active-matrix panel eliminates poor pincushioning, fuzzy focus and screen flicker.

The monitor's sleek design is built for front-desk offices, kiosks, financial and banking environments, and video/teleconferencing. Its desktop pedestal snaps off and can be attached to an optional wall-mount bracket. The design includes a roll-out panel for onscreen controls, built-in amplified speakers and microphone, and a front sealed bezel that protects the LCD from liquids and physical damage. A vanity shield in back hides ugly cable connectors.


Wyse Technology

800-GET-WYSE, 408-473-1200

Circle #558

Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 62.

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