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New Products
In Brief

The Kiwi OpenNote 680TX series of notebooks comes in 150MHz or 166MHz Pentium configurations with 32MB of RAM, a 2.1GB hard drive, a 12.1-inch TFT LCD display and a 10X CD-ROM drive.

150MHz, $3,399; 166MHz, $3,799

Kiwi Computer

408-492-9188, fax 408-492-9187

Circle #673

The WinBook LM is built for fast graphics with a 64-bit video accelerator and 128-bit graphics. The LM has a 150MHz or 133MHz Pentium, 16MB of EDO RAM, a 1.06GB hard drive, a 12.1-inch SVGA active-matrix display, a 6X internal CD-ROM, 256KB synchronous-burst cache and PCI-bus architecture. The WinBook XP5 Pro has a 133MHz Pentium, 16MB EDO RAM, a 1.08GB hard drive, a 12.1-inch dual-scan display, an 8X CD-ROM and 256KB synchronous-burst cache.

LM P150, $3,799; LM P133, $3,399; XP5 Pro, $2,699

WinBook Corp.


Circle #674

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