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New Products
Build and Manage Your Web Sites

If you're using a Web site for business purposes, you'll need one with databases, tables and site-management tools. Backstage Internet Studio 2 is a suite of Internet and intranet software that provides these sophisticated tools and lets you use them without programming.

The suite's Backstage Designer is a WYSIWYG point-and-click HTML editor, complete with AppletAce and Java-based PowerApplets. Backstage Manager lets you arrange sites by dragging and dropping pages and links. Backstage Server works with any Web server to let you design sites that gather data from enterprise applications. Backstage Objects builds Web-based business applications without programming scripts. The 16 objects provide database access and interfaces, threaded discussion groups, security authentication and e-mail forms. Macromedia xRes SE lets you create and edit Web-site images.

Backstage Internet Studio 2 comes in a Desktop Edition for working with desktop-based databases and an Enterprise Edition for working with client-server databases.

Desktop Edition, $299; Enterprise Edition, $999


800-457-1774, 415-252-2000

Circle #666

Internet Phone With Video

Internet Phone lets you use the Internet to call anywhere in the world for the cost of a local call. Now with Internet Phone with Video and a desktop video camera of your own, you can use the Internet for videoconferencing.

The software has whiteboarding and document-sharing features to let you work on documents with a co-worker on another continent. You can view yourself on your screen as well as the person you are talking to. If you don't have a camera, you can still receive an image of the other person. Over a 28.8Kbps modem connection, Internet Phone with Video provides frame rates of up to 8 frames per second. With a higher-speed connection, you can get up to 15 frames per second. Its telephony features include voice mail, call holding, call waiting, Caller ID and call screening. The product comes in 32-bit and Windows 3.x versions.



800-843-2289, 201-768-9400

Circle #667

Web Factory Pro Image 3.0

Web Factory Pro Image 3.0 includes four modules for professional Web mastering. Web Factory Author lets you create a Web page or site; the ImagEditor lets you create and manipulate GIF and JPEG images; the Preview Library of images allows you to keep a library of image thumbnails to use on your Web site; and the Dreamcatcher identifies and fixes broken links, dead ends and other site problems.

$199; three-month lease, $59.95

Thunder & Lightning Co.

888-826-3520, 619-643-5550

Circle #668

VRCreator 2.0

Still creating static Web sites? You can make dynamic VRML sites in four steps with VRCreator 2.0. First, drag and drop objects from the program's library. Second, drag and drop colors and textures. Next, drag and drop Behaviors that give your objects the ability to move and play sounds. Finally, you create content in VR Modeler. That leaves you with an interactive 3-D site to be experienced with VRML 2.0 browsers.

$99; pro version (for multimedia application developers), $495


312-337-5164, fax 312-337-5264

Circle #669

HTML Assistant Pro 97

To get a Web site up and running quickly, you need an easy-to-use program that delivers an impressive-looking product. HTML Assistant Pro 97 automatically converts your word processor files into HTML documents. Its system of colored tags makes it easy to edit your Web pages. The program has a Quick Frames feature to instantly create frames, a Site Assistant for site management, Image Mapper to create an active URL link from any part of an image and Quick Publish to publish files to a remote site with one click. HTML Assistant Pro 97 automatically integrates with Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.


Brooklyn North Software Works

800-349-1422, 902-425-0900

Circle #670

Web Doctor 1.0

Got an ailing site? The Web Doctor is in. The program detects and reports broken links, missing images, suspect pages and graphics, and other site ailments. Web Doctor's diagnostic reports include Unused Pages, Unused Images, Download Time Calculation, Pages with External URLs, Alphabetical Listing of All Pages and Images, Image Gallery and Pages Verified as OK.

$99; lease, $149

Blue Sky Software

800-571-9764, 619-459-6365

Circle #671

Internet3D Space Builder 2.0 and Internet3D FontMagic

Make your Web site a 3-D world with Internet3D Space Builder 2.0, which combines 3-D creation, advanced texturing and publishing functions. The VRML 2.0 tool provides drag-and-drop scene assembly and lets you integrate URL links, sound and movies into your site. Internet3D FontMagic creates three-dimensional interactive text, logos and billboards. It outputs lighted 3-D text in VRML 2.0 format. Scenes and text created with Internet3D Space Builder 2.0 and Internet3D FontMagic can only be seen with VRML 2.0 browsers.

Space Builder 2.0, $89.95; FontMagic, $29.95

ParaGraph International

800-810-0055, 408-364-7700

Circle #672

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