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A tip o' the hat

I just received your special issue (2,001 Tips, Winter 1997 special issue) and I can't put it down. It is a treasure trove of valuable information that is well written and assembled. You should put it out as a hardcover special issue, since people will be handling it a lot; as a magazine, it will fall apart.

Aime Audette via the Internet

The information in your 2,001 Tips special issue is worth its weight in gold. It is strange, to my way of thinking, that an OS [Win95] could be introduced to the mass market in such a half-baked fashion. As soon as a system and/or feature-laden software comes on the market, it's followed by a plethora of super-thick books from various authors explaining the nuances of how to make it work. The expensive books are, in many cases, old before they make it to the store shelves. But WINDOWS Magazine has a monthly freshness about it, reflecting current topics and solutions. It's a much better deal.

Don McKay

Fayetteville, New York

I am most pleased with the 2,001 Tips issue. It is complete in its coverage of all aspects of Windows hardware, applications, tech support and keyboard shortcuts. It's a treasure chest of computer know-how, dealing with those computer nuances that can be baffling but have much to do with the smooth functioning of a computer.

John F Madden via America Online

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