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How To Buy
Sites to Be Seen

The following sites provide resources to help you make the most of ISDN.

-- http://www.winmag.com/win95/software.htm. Microsoft's ISDN Accelerator Pack Utility, which you can download free from here, has largely eliminated Windows 95's Multilink PPP support problems.

--http://www.alumni.caltech.edu/~dank/isdn/isdn_hw.html. Link to Web sites on every conceivable sort of ISDN hardware, including terminal adapters, cards and routers.

-- http://www.ascend.com/techdocs/isdnuserguide.htm. This site offers a basic explanation of how ISDN works, a discussion of its advantages over analog solutions, and information on ISDN and the Internet.

-- http://www.niuf.nist.gov/misc/niuf.html. Some of the information you'll find at the North American ISDN User's Forum site includes an explanation of ISDN, usage statistics and links to membership information, a schedule of upcoming meetings and minutes from past meetings, and links to other sources of information on ISDN.

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Windows Magazine, March 1997, page 228.

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